Stop Wasting Money on Curriculum that Doesn’t Fit.

Is this you?

So often I have read comments on other sites and social media that read something like this…

I bought this program (curriculum) but it’s not a good fit for my child

or this…

I just received the curriculum I purchased and it doesn’t cover everything I thought it did!

Can you related to any of the above statements? Have you purchased a curriculum or program that is not for your child? What are some of the reasons that this happens? Here are some possibilities…

  • Your child isn’t quite ready
  • Your child has already learned what is being taught and needs something more
  • Your child’s learning style just doesn’t match the curriculum
  • Your child simply needs to learn more that the curriculum covers

I homeschooled my son from PreK-12th grade and I can’t tell you how much money I spent on curriculum that he hated or just didn’t fit. That’s why I created My Teaching Library!

My Teaching Library offers thousands of teaching resources from typical curriculum and worksheets to hands-on, interactive unit studies AND why I offer subscription plans that gives you ALL-ACCESS to everything! If you download something and it isn’t a good fit, chances are good that you can find something else that is a good fit for your child! I’m also continually adding new resources so that you have even more to select from when trying to find what works for your child.

An annual ALL-ACCESS subscription is only $60 (which equates to only $5 a month) and that is for ALL SUBJECTS! Now, tell me…Have you spent $60 on one curriculum or program that covers just one subject and it was not for your child?

I also offer a lifetime ALL-ACCESS subscription which over the course of several years can save you even more money!

What My Teaching Library is not

Now, I want to touch on one last concern I see so many parents have. I see so many (especially new homeschooling parents) say…

I need a day by day, step by step program!

I’m scared I’ll not teach my child what he needs to know!

Why I don’t like step by step, day by day programs/curriculum:
Step by step, day by day programs become rigid and doesn’t leave room for you, the parent, to do what your gut tells you your child needs.

No one, not even curriculum developers know your child like YOU DO!

So, what do you do? How do you know what skills and concepts your child should cover for each grade? How can you judge ‘where’ your child is in terms of what is being taught in specific grades?

My Teaching Library offers a ‘Skills and Concepts’ section on our home page for every grade!

Use our ‘Skills and Concepts’ to guide you as you find what works best for your child. Let it help you stop saying “not for my child” but rather “This is the next thing I should help my child learn” and then find the resources you need to teach it!

Also, if you ever can’t find what you are looking for on My Teaching Library, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! If MTL has it, I’ll send you to those resources. If MTL doesn’t have it, I will put that on my list of things to add to our library!

Visit….My Teaching Library !


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