Educational Picks for November!

To help with your November planning, here are My Teaching Library’s November educational picks…

U.S. Elections: A Student-Centered Project-Based Unit for 4th-6th Grades
If you have a student wanting to learn about what is currently happening in the country, here is a resource for them! It also will give them a chance to take charge of their learning! Using this resource students will create a wonderful notebooking or lapbook project!

Pumpkin Poetry – Fall Creative Writing
This resource, Pumpkin Poetry, has been created to spark your students’ imaginations and creative writing! Covering 9 different types of poetry: Acrostic Diamante Haiku Limerick Mono rhyme Cinquain Minute Tanka Shape

Pumpkin Science (Hands-on Activities)
Pumpkin Science has several fun, hands-on activities that ask students to compare, contrast, observe, estimate, count, sort, investigate, graph and much more…Students can even create a Pumpkin Science Journal or use pages as notebooking pages.

Veterans Day Themed Learning - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Veterans Day Kindergarten – 1st Grade Unit
Celebrate the Veterans Day holiday throughout the month of November with this true cross-curricular resource! Your young learners will learn about this military branches of the United States and the why we should honor those who have served our country.

A Comprehensive Study - The Mayflower for 5th-6th Grades

A Study of the Mayflower | 5th-6th Grade
This is a comprehensive, cross-curricular unit study on the Mayflower. Students will read informational text to learn about the ship, its voyages, and its passengers (the Pilgrims). Students will also work with vocabulary related to ship navigational instruments, sections of the ship as well as words used in a farewell letter written to the passengers …and more!

For your Kinders and 1st Graders:

Big vs Small - Worksheets teaching visual discrimination

Big or Small Worksheets
Give your littles the practice they need to develop visual discrimination and basic math skills with 42 engaging worksheets! Students will interactively identify big or small objects by coloring pictures, circling or tracing the words ‘big’ or ‘small’, cutting, pasting and sorting (classifying) pictures.

Rhyming Word Picture Flash Cards – 396 words
This is a LARGE set of rhyming word flash cards with pictures! 396 words in all. There are many ways to use these cards and I give 7 FUN ideas inside this resource!

For your 2nd-3rd Graders:

Mega-Phonics | Blends Volume 2
This large (184 page) volume is filled with phonics learning! Students will concentrate on words with the following blends: scr, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, spl, spr, st, tr

Introducing Multiplication 2nd-3rd Grades

Introducing Multiplication with Arrays | Math with Visual Models
Help students learn and practice the basic concept behind multiplication with these 280 visual model problems. Designed for 2nd – 3rd Grades, students will demonstrate the ability to… – Determine the quantity of shapes shown – Create equations from arrays – Create arrays from given equations!

For your 4th-5th Graders:

Types of Nouns | Interactive Notebook or Lapbook
Engaging and interactive, this Grammar resource will help your students learn to identify different types of nouns: common, proper, singular, plural, possessive, collective, compound, concrete and abstract. Students will be asked to list, categorize and use in context the different types of nouns!

Decimal Bundle | 4th-5th Grade Math
3 products in one! – Resource #1 will help students understand equivalent fractions, decimals and percents. – Resource #2 will have students working with decimal notation, location on a number line, digit value and relative value in relation to half. – Resource #3 will give students a lot of practice adding and subtracting decimals and includes 100 word problems!

For your 6th-8th Graders:

5 Themes of Geography BUNDLE
There are 5 major themes of Geography: Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, and Regions. This BUNDLE includes ALL FIVE individual theme units!

Physical Science – Student Edition
Physical Science is the study of the inorganic world. It is ordinarily thought of as consisting of four broad areas: astronomy, physics, chemistry, and the Earth sciences. This textbook is a full-year Physical Science curriculum (356 pages).
Teacher’s Edition also available.

For your 9th-12th Graders:

The Hobbit – Summaries, Essays, Vocabulary, Quizzes & Tests
This novel study is everything you’ll need to teach the British Literature classic, The Hobbit, broken down into 5 ‘easy to manage’ sections!

Financial Literacy - Simple Compound Interest Units

Financial Literacy | Simple and Compound Interest BUNDLE
This consumer math bundle will teach students about both simple and compound interest and give them the practice they need to help them master solving word problems!

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