Skills and Concepts

Every Child is Different and Unique: Teaching by Skill and Concept

Every child is different and unique and yet we try to teach them all the same…

Assessment tests only tell you what ‘grade level’ where they should be in a subject but don’t usually tell you the exact skills they have learned or need to learn (skill by skill). has a fantastic “Skills and Concepts” section on the home page that will help you understand more about what should be taught and learned by grade. It is broken down ‘by grade’ because that is the way our educational system has be set up. However, ‘grade levels’ rarely meet the individual child where he or she is.

If you begin to look at what skills and concepts that should be learned, as a parent, you will be more in control of guiding each of your children) and selecting the appropriate materials for them as they weave in and through their learning.

As an ex-public teacher (turned homeschooling parent), I know that ‘grade levels’ have a purpose in mass teaching…but all students learn differently and at different times. They are all unique. They may be ahead in understanding and mastering multiplication but not fractions…and yet a ‘graded’ curriculum may not meet them where they are. This is true for ALL subjects and all grades!

Get to know the “skills and concepts” your child(ren) should learn @ When beginning to use such a list, you can let ‘grade level’ be a starting point to begin assessing your child(ren) with these lists, but don’t fret or worry if they are ‘behind’. Whether you believe they are behind, at ‘grade level’ or ahead, find material that will test if they have developed those specific skills/concepts if you don’t already know they have mastered a skill or concept. With such knowledge, you can help your child(ren) learn…teach by skills and concept, not necessarily by grade level.

Once you begin to think about teaching this way, you will most likely see that ‘graded’ curriculum doesn’t always fit..That is because it is written to be one size fits all. If that is the case, or you just want to teach through the skills and concepts that should be learned and mastered (because that makes the most sense to you), one place to begin finding those materials (all in one place) is !

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