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2nd Grade Measurement Skills | Learning and Practicing

During 2nd grade, students are asked to learn a variety of measuring skills. Among these include learning to determine and use appropriate measurement tools such as a ruler, a yardstick, a meter stick, a tape measure and measuring cups.

Students are also asked to be able to measure objects two ways (using U.S. standard measure and metric), to be able to compare measured objects, and to solve measurement word problems (addition and subtraction).

My Teaching Library has created two resources to help students learn and practice these skills. These resources include both interactive, hands-on activities as well as worksheets.

Fun with Measurement

Hands-on activities and worksheets designed for students learning measurement skills such as:

  • Reading a ruler and using to measure objects (inches and centimeters)
  • Determining the best measurements (inches, feet, yards, miles / ounce, pounds / centimeter, meter, kilometer)
  • Tools of measurement
  • Reading a measuring cup
  • Comparing objects that have been measured

There are 6 Parts within the unit:

  • Part 1: Interactive Measurement
    • Student manipulatives & rulers
    • 3 – Student answer sheets
  • Part 2: Measuring and Best Unit
    • 7- Measure the objects worksheets (inches, half inch, centimeter)
    • 1 – Centimeter worksheet
    • 3 – Mark the Ruler worksheets
    • 9 – Indicate best unit of measurement – (inches, feet, yards, miles) (ounces, pounds) (centimeter, meter, kilometer)
  • Part 3 – Tools of Measurement
    • 2 Matching worksheets
    • 2 Writing worksheets
  • Part 4: Scavenger Hunt
    • 4 Scavenger Hunt worksheets Each includes 6 clues and students must find and identify matching objects
      Clue #1 – Find something that is less than 8 inches but more than 4 inches.
      Clue #2 – Find something that is greater than 4 meters.
  • Part 5: Measuring Cups
    • 2 Read the measuring cup worksheets (1/4 cup – 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup – 1 cup )
    • 2 Read the measuring cup worksheets (2oz – 4 oz- 6oz – 8oz)
  • Part 6: Measure and Compare
    • 3 Measure and answer comparison questions

Fun with Measurement 2

Hands-on activities and worksheets designed for students learning measurement skills such as:

  • Using a variety of measurement tools (ruler, yardstick, meter stick and tape measure)
  • Finding two different measurements for objects (inches and centimeters)
  • Estimating measurements
  • Solving measurement word problems (with bonus if converting inches to feet and inches).


  • 2 Measure Twice worksheets plus an activity (inches and centimeters)
  • 5 Estimating Measurement activities
    • ruler – inches
    • ruler – centimeters
    • yardstick
    • meter stick
    • tape measure
  • 1 What Would You Use? worksheet (ruler or yardstick)
  • 1 Measurement Word Problems worksheet
  • Answer Keys

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