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NEW and SUGGESTED Products on My Teaching Library!

My Teaching Library has been working hard to continually bring you new, educational products! Here are some (BUT NOT ALL) of our newest additions…
z 375 General Biology unit 5 cover
General Biology – Unit 5 This High School level unit teaches students all about transportation across the cell membrane!
Lesson 1: Transport Across the Cell Membrane
Lesson 2: Feedback Systems
Lesson 3: Osmosis, Diffusion and Saturation
Lesson 4: The Fluid Mosaic Model
Lesson 5: Active and Passive Transport
z 376 Central America country study bundle
Central America Country Studies BUNDLE | K-2nd This BUNDLE includes six Central American country study resources and is designed to be used with Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students. Each resource is a mini-book project. Students will write and color as they learn about each of the following countries: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama
z 379 Music Rebus cover
Music Rebus for Early Learners Designed for early learners (PreK – 1st grade), this music rebus resource includes two instrument worksheets. Not only will students learn the names of 5 instruments (guitar, trumpet, maracas, bongos, drums) but they will be matching, tracing and writing. This resource is a fun way to combine music and language arts!
z 381 Arkansas Shape Notebooking a
Arkansas Notebooking | Unique State Shaped Writing Paper Students can use these unique state shaped notebooking pages to create a report on Arkansas after doing research on the state. It includes 2 different page types, one geared toward beginning writers (multiple colored lines) and the other is single lined.
z 382 Shopping Problems 1 cover
Money Word Problems | 3rd – 4th Grade This math workbook has been designed to give 3rd and 4th graders practice solving real-life money word problems. It includes 18 worksheets which increase in difficulty. All worksheets will give students a list of clothing items and prices. Students will then be given 12 problems (on each worksheet) to solve.
Current Seasonal Picks…
Informational Text | Cinco de Mayo This informational article will explain to students about the Cinco de Mayo holiday, when it is, why it is celebrated and who (where) it is observed. After reading, students will be asked several questions to assess reading comprehension and two short essay questions. These essay questions are designed to prompt creative writing.
Spring Math Skills Review | 2nd-3rd Grades Help students K-2nd grade learn about the culture of the Central American country of Honduras while they create a 12 page mini-book! Students will learn about the country’s location, official language, traditional clothing, wildlife, food and more!
Haiku Poetry Unit | Spring Haiku is a Japanese poetry form and uses just a few words to capture a moment and to create a picture in the reader’s mind!
This resource will teach students how to write a Haiku, provides several spring picture writing prompts and provides 30 themed writing pages.
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about My Teaching Library

Can I use MTL products without purchasing additional curriculum
The answer is “YES“! We have many homeschooling families that rely solely on products they find on My Teaching Library as their sole curriculum.

Why do you not offer day by day teaching guides?
Currently, MTL does not offer day by day, subject by subject lesson plans. Why? Because all too often, homeschooling parents find that they feel stressed when trying to keep up with these type of plans. MTL believes that each homeschooling family is unique. Some teach 5 days a week, some only 4. Some teach each subject every day, some teach subjects in blocks. That’s why we currently leave when, how and what you teach up to you!

How do I know what to teach in each grade
We’ve got you covered! On the MTL home page, you’ll find “Skills and Concepts” to teach…Simply click on the section for the grade(s) you are teaching!
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