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Word Builder Puzzles | U.S. Presidents

Challenge students’ critical thinking skills and knowledge of the U.S. Presidents with these 5 Word Builder puzzles with a U.S. Presidents theme!

Each puzzle contains 3 pages of work.

Students are given a set of letters (example A, B, E, H, I, J, M, N, O, R, S, D) and then several different tasks to complete with them.
* First, they are asked to complete the names of U.S. Presidents by filling in the missing letters (example: J_ _ e_ _ _ _ r_ e / Answer: James Monroe).
* Then, they will be asked to complete a series of unrelated words with missing letters (example: _ or _ e / Answer: horde).
* Finally, there are a few additional sections that allow students to create their own words, divide the words already completed into word families, by number of letters and/or by vowel sounds)

Here are additional puzzles for students that you’ll love…


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