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US Presidents | Fun Activities for 5th-8th Grade Classrooms

Here is a resource filled with fun activities for students to use whenever they are studying the U.S. Presidents or for Presidents day!

Activities include a word search, an acrostic poetry page, presidential trivia, a ‘Which President’ worksheet, two picture graphs (Washington and Lincoln) and report / notebooking pages.

Here are just two examples of the FUN type of activities/questions your students will encounter…

  • Presidential Trivia (14 total questions) – Example:
    Question #5 – “At 43 years of age, ___ was the youngest president who was elected, although, at 42, _____ was the youngest president who was inaugurated, after William McKinley was assassinated. ____ was the oldest president when he left office at 77 years of age.”
  • Which President? (40 total questions) – Example:
    Question #19 – “_____Nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready”, he died 16 months into his term.

Great for any classroom around Presidents Day in February (or) in a Government / Civics class (or) American History class anytime of the year. Answer keys are included!!

ooking for worksheets for younger students? Here are some you’ll love…


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