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Day 6: 14 Days of Valentine’s Day Themed Teaching Resources

This 200+ page resource includes flashcards for all Dolch sight words (PreK to 2nd Grade) and 47 word families plus a variety of suggested activities! See additional details about this product below. (Flipbook preview also available)


– Flashcards for all sight words (Dolch) from PreK – 2nd grade
– Noun picture cards to math with noun sight words
– Word family flashcards for the following word families: an, ap, at, ab, ad, ack, and, ash, ail, ain, air, ake, ate, ale, ame, ay, all, aw, ar, ark, art, ank, ink, ed, en, et, ed, eck, ell, est, in, ip, it, ice, ick, ide, ig, ight, ine, ing, oat, oo, oot, op, ot, ub, uck, ug, un, ut
– Title covers for suggested file folder games (Making sentences, ABC order, Matching)
– Word family mats (matching, rhyming
– Make a word half hearts
– Clipart to add to centers and/or bulletin boards

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