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1st Grade MATH Concepts and Skills

Are you preparing to teach 1st grade math and want to know what to teach? Here is a list of all the concepts and skills that should be covered and learned. Plus, I’ve included suggested products to use to give students the practice they need to master what they need to know…

Concepts and Skills:

Adds and subtracts numbers 1-20, solves word problems by using objects, drawings and traditional equations with the plus and minus signs.
Adds 3 numbers that add to a number up to 20.
Solves addition and subtraction problems by adding up or subtracting smaller numbers, for example 10+4 = 10+2+2 and 15-6= 15-2-2-2.
Learns the relationship between addition and subtraction, for example 2+3=5 and 5-3=2.
Counts out and groups objects in order to solve single digit addition and subtraction problems.
Counts and writes the numbers 1 to 120, starting from any number less than 120.
Understands and creates numbers using 10 as a base, for example, 12 = 1 ten and 2 1’s.
Compares two 2 digit numbers using the <, >, and = signs.
Adds up to100 using objects and the concept of 10’s.
Subtracts or adds 10 to a 2 digit number in her mind, without counting, and subtracts by 10 from numbers 1-90, using concrete objects or tools.
Orders three objects by length.
Begins to tell and write time using both digital and analog clocks.
Understands data, specifically, the total number of data points, how many are in each category and how many more or less there are in a category.
Understands the definition of and difference between shapes and creates shapes using this knowledge.
Creates 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.
Breaks up circles and rectangles into two and four equal parts, and understands that the parts are halves, fourths, and quarters, and that smaller parts make up larger ones.


  • Name, model, write, compare, and order numbers to 200; identify place value and odd/even; skip count.
  • Identify and model fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) as parts of wholes/groups.
  • Identify coins and $1 bills; find value of collection of coins.
  • Know addition and subtraction facts through 10; model, create, and solve addition and subtraction problems.


  • Identify, create, describe, and extend simple rhythmic, shape, size, number, color, and letter patterns; skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s .
  • Construct and solve addition and subtraction sentences.


  • Identify, draw, describe, and compare 2-D and 3-D shapes.


  • Identify parts of the day, week, and month; tell time to half hour.
  • Measure objects and use appropriate measurement tools; make and use estimates.
  • Compare and order objects by length and weight


  • Gather, organize, represent, and interpret data using tallies, charts, pictographs, and bar graphs.
  • Decide most likely outcomes.

Need teaching resources to teach the above skills? Below are the resources you need!

All the below suggested products on My Teaching Library can be purchased individually or you can purchase an All-Access subscription and have INSTANT access to ALL products, not just the ones listed below! All-Access to all resources – all subjects!

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Suggested Products to master skills:

· Addition for 1st Grade | Sums to 20

· Subtraction for 1st Grade | Minuends to 20

· Addition and Subtraction for 1st Grade | Sums and Minuends to 20

· Addition and Subtraction Word Problems | Numbers to 20

· 3 Addend Addition | Sums to 20

· Commutative Property | First Grade Sums to 20

· Number Sense Numbers to 120 | Before, Between and After

· Comparing Numbers 1 to 120 | Greater than, Less Than, Equal to

· Number Sense | Base Ten Understanding

· Adding and Subtracting 10 | Numbers to 100

· Place Value Worksheets – Ones & Tens (Volume 1)

· Place Value Worksheets – Ones & Tens (Volume 2)

· Tracing Numbers 1-120

· Math Visuals – Manipulatives Bundle | Butterfly Themed

· Ten Frame Sets | 5 Complete Sets

· Math Posters | Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

· Math Posters | 3D Shapes

· Counting by 10 Posters (10 – 100)

· Measurement Worksheets | Height, Weight, Length

· Cutting Skills activity sheet (Shapes)

· Shape Sorting

· Learning Shapes | Sammy Snake Mini-book

· Learning 2D Shapes

· 3D Shapes | Names and Attributes

· Learning Fractions | Halves – Thirds – Fourths

· Understanding Numbers | Numbers to 120 – Number Words – Place Value

· Skip Counting Worksheets

· Snowman Skip Counting Unit (2s, 5s, & 10s)

· Skip Counting Posters | 2-10

· Pumpkin Patch Skip Counting

· Telling Time | Math Center

· Telling Time | Go Fish Card Game

· Telling Time | First Grade

· Create a Clock

· It’s All About Money – Comprehensive Unit

Themed / Seasonal suggested products:

· Fact Families | Christmas Themed Math

· First Grade Math Skills Workbook

· Snowman Math for 1st Grade

· Calendar Bulletin Board Materials | Tiger Themed

· Calendar Bulletin Board Materials | Bear Themed

· November Math for 1st Grade

· Christmas Graphing Activities

· March Math File Folder Game | St. Patrick’s Day

· March Math Tasks Cards

· December No-Prep Language Arts & Math Activities for 1st Grade

· Peppermint Candy Numbers and Number Words

· Nutcracker Number Cards and Tables | Christmas Math

· Christmas Math for 1st Grade | Nutcracker Theme

· Christmas Math for Firsties

· December Language Arts & Math Activities for Kindergarten – 1st Grade (No Prep)

· Valentine’s Day themed Math for 1st Grade | Multiple Skills

· Snowman Skip Counting Unit (2s, 5s, & 10s)

· 1st Grade Skills Workbook for February

· 1st Grade Math Skills Review – Winter Themed

· Pattern Block Templates | Spring Themed

· Winter – Christmas Pattern Block Unit

· Mitten Themed Literacy, Math and Science Winter Activities

· March Math Center Materials

· March Math 1st Grade | Mixed Practice Workbook

· New Year’s Math Center Activities | Kindergarten | 1st Grade

· 1st Grade Summer Skills Review Packet

· 1st Grade – Monthly Learning Pack – October

· November Learning Pack – 1st Grade

· Christmas Math 1-100 | Worksheets and Activities

Suggested product for all Math Students (1st – 6th): Math Glossary

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March Math Center Idea: Math Task Cards

This MATH CENTER resource has a St. Patrick’s Day theme and provide students practice with addition, subtraction, early multiplication/division, time, money, shape recognition, number patterns skills!

It includes: 64 task cards, math center sign, student worksheet and an answer key. Tasks center around 1st and early 2nd grade skills.

** Critical thinking skills will definitely be used! **

Additional March Math resources you’ll love…


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Day 5: 14 Days of Valentine’s Day Themed Teaching Resources

Designed to reinforce important 1st grade math skills ,your 1st grade students will love the cute bears, penguins, hearts and other cute graphics that fill the pages. 16 different colorful worksheets. To save ink cost, these print well in black and white only as well!

Skills covered:

  • Single digit addition (with and without carrying)
  • Double digit addition (with and without carrying / Sums to 20 / Sums to 30 / by 10s)
  • Even / odd recognition
  • Single digit subtraction
  • Double digit subtraction (with and without borrowing / numbers to 20 / numbers to 30)
  • Probability
  • Roman numerals
  • Patterns
  • Ordinal numbers
  • In/out ‘function’ tables
  • Reading a pictograph

Here are additional 1st grade resources you’ll love:

See all 1st grade level resources currently available on My Teaching Library!


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