Biology, High School

Now Available: General Biology for High School – Units 4-7!

Now available on My Teaching Library are units 4, 5, 6 and 7 of High School General Biology!

Biology, unit 4 will teach high school students about cell theory, the characteristics of living organisms and includes an in-depth study of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

Lesson 1: What are Cells?
Lesson 2: Cell Theory
Lesson 3: The Defining Characteristics of Living Organisms
Lesson 4: Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells: Similarities and Differences
Lesson 5: Structure of the Cell Nucleus
Lesson 6: The Ribosome
Lesson 7: The Endomembrane System
Lesson 8: The Cytoskeleton
Lesson 9: Mitochondria Structure
Lesson 10: Cell Membrane
Lesson 11: Plant Cell Structures
Lesson 12: Chloroplast Structures

Biology – Unit 5 will teach high school students all about the cell membrane and the transport of nutrients and waste.

Lesson 1: Transport Across the Cell Membrane
Lesson 2: Feedback Systems
Lesson 3: Osmosis, Diffusion and Saturation
Lesson 4: The Fluid Mosaic Model
Lesson 5: Active and Passive Transport

Biology – Unit 6 is designed for high school students and is an in-depth study on the domains of life: Archaea, Bacteria & Eurkarya

Lesson 1: Domains of Life
Lesson 2: Archaea
Lesson 3: Bacteria
Lesson 4: Eukarya
Lesson 5: Taxonomy
Lesson 6: Protists
Lesson 7: Fungi
Lesson 8: Plantae
Lesson 9: Animalia
Lesson 10: Homeostasis

Biology – Unit 7 is designed for high school students and focuses on global health, diseases, pathogens, viruses and more.

Lesson 1: Health Issues Throughout the World
Lesson 2: Types of Diseases
Lesson 3: Noninfectious vs Infectious Diseases
Lesson 4: Autoimmune Diseases and Hypersensitivity
Lesson 5: What is a Pathogen?
Lesson 6: Disease Control & Prevention
Lesson 7: The Study of Viruses
Lesson 8: The Human Immune System
Lesson 9: Vaccination & Immunotherapy
Lesson 10: Germ Theory

Each lesson in each of the above units includes written informational text and is followed by student questions and/or worksheets plus a unit test. Answer keys and optional assignments list is also included.

Have these units been completed?

General Biology – Unit 1
General Biology – Unit 2
General Biology – Unit 3

If not, students should complete units 1 -3 prior to proceeding to units 4-7.


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