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Project-Based 5 Themes of Geography Country Study – Paraguay

Looking for a project for students to demonstrate their knowledge of and ability to synthesize information surrounding the 5 themes of Geography? Here it is!

This is a project-based country study on the South American country of Paraguay focusing on the 5 Themes of Geography: location, place, regions, movement and human/environment integration! There are a lot of country studies but this one is different.

This study will ask students to ‘think like a geographer‘ in their research and recording. Using this resource, students will…

  • – Learn about the country of Paraguay
  • – Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to synthesize information and write about Paraguay through a 5 themes of geography lens.
  • – Create a wonderful project displaying their learning.

This resource 18 page resource is perfect for any geography classroom and can be used for 5th – 12th grades!

Sample questions include:

  • – (Location) Describe the relative location of the country.
  • – (Location) What is the latitude and longitude of the capital city?
  • – (Place) What major landforms are found in the country?
  • – (Place) What is/are the climate type(s) of the country?
  • – (Regions) When considering this country, describe and give examples of at least one type of functional region within it.
  • – (Movement) Describe any historically important migration patterns of information you have found about past or current migration for this country. You may include internal, external migration, emigration, immigration, return and/or seasonal migration.
  • – (Human/Environmental Integration) Give examples of how people who have lived in this country changed or modified the environment.

Please note: Students will need to understand the 5 Themes of Geography  to complete this project.

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