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Geography for Kids – Guatemala

Guatemala is the fifth largest country of the North American continent. It is a mountainous country belonging to a region referred to as ‘Central America’. With almost 20 million people, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America.

Guatemala shares both a Pacific Ocean and an Atlantic Ocean coastline and borders four countries: Mexico in the north and west, Belize in the north east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador in the southeast of the country. The longest border is shared with Mexico.

If you are studying world cultures or geography with kids in Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grades and you want to teach them about this beautiful country and a little bit about the culture, here is a fun project from My Teaching Library!

The teaching resource will help students (K-2nd grade) learn about the culture of this Central American country while they create a 12 page mini-book!

Students will learn about the country’s location, official language, traditional clothing, national symbols, food and more! There are two pages of copy work  to practice handwriting and plenty of pictures to color while they are learning about the cultural highlights of the country.

Use alone or with My Teaching Library’s other country study minibooks!

My Teaching Library has several other related minibooks for kids to create and read. Here are some to related ones….

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