FUN Fall / Autumn Themed Resources for the Classroom! (Part 1)

My Teaching Library has many Fall related resources that may just be what you are looking for! Here are the first ten suggested resources to use during the colorful autumn season…

Fall ABCs Puzzles
Letter recognition skills are required for developing reading and writing skills. Using these cards children can identify, name and match upper and lower case letters.

Fall Vocabulary Wall Word ~ Flash Cards
60 large, colorful vocabulary cards. Uses can include:
* Flashcards
* Word walls
* Bulletin Boards
* Literacy Centers

Fun Fall Activity | Maple Leaf Shape Book
Create a fun fall writing activity with this Maple Leaf Shape Book. Your students can use to publish these templates to write a story, a poem or a brief report!

Fall Scrapbooking and Notebooking Pages
62 colorful Fall scrapbooking pages that can be used to create classroom, memory books (or) use to create fun, notebooking projects!

Autumn / Fall Migration | Informational Text
5 page resource that will give students valuable information about the migration of many types of animals from around the world that migrate every Autumn.

Fall Chaos | Creative Writing Activity
Using this resource, students will roll one die 4 times and use the chart to help determine the character, setting, weather and conflict that should be in their story. Then, they will plan out their story on given pages:
– Character Planner
– Setting Planner
– Story Planner
After all planning is complete, they will write their stories!

Pumpkin Poetry – Fall Creative Writing
This resource, Pumpkin Poetry, has been created to spark your students’ imaginations and creative writing! Covering 9 different types of poetry:

  • Acrostic
  • Diamante
  • Haiku
  • Limerick
  • Mono rhyme
  • Cinquain
  • Minute
  • Tanka
  • Shape

Fun Fall Game | Bingo
This all-inclusive resource includes vocabulary – picture cards for 20 different words, board markers and 20 different game boards.

Number and Alphabet Puzzles ~ Fall Themed
Letter recognition skills are required for developing reading and writing skills. Number and number word recognition skills are required for developing reading, writing and math skills. Using these cards children can…
– Identify, name and match upper and lower case letters
– Identify, name and match numbers with number words

Fall Rebus Story
A fun way for students to learn to read is through reading rebus stories! Check it out!!

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