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Have you visited the NEW website?

CHSH-Teach unveiled a NEW website over the summer and if you haven’t visited it yet, you will definitely want to do so!

Our History

My Teaching Library has evolved from very small beginnings. In 2010, a small site was created to help homeschooling families come together and support one another. It quickly became apparent that there was a need for quality, low-cost, educational material for these families. Lynda Ackert (the founder) was a veteran education of 20+ years and knew she could begin compiling and creating these materials and created the Download Club. As the site began to offer more materials, teachers outside the homeschooling community began to find and want access. The site grew and a company was formed: CHSH-Teach, LLC. Over the next several years, platforms changed and demand for materials increased. The company needed to expand, secure and create a space for everyone to find the educational materials they needed. Thus, My Teaching Library was created.

The Download Club

CHSH-Teach (and now My Teaching Library) is best known for the Download Club. The Download Club is a subscription membership that allows the members to have unlimited access to products, as long as their subscriptions are active. Non-subscribers will need to purchase all products individually.

Our Names

Because of our history, you may see “My Teaching Library” and “CHSH-Teach” used interchangeably.

What you will find on the NEW My Teaching Library

  • Quality educational resources for teachers and homeschooling families
  • Ability to purchase individual resources or choose to be a subscribing member and have unlimited access to all resources.

MTL has designed the site so that you can easily search for the resources you need based on grade level, subject, or other criteria such as seasonal, type of resource, etc! To begin searching, click the button above!