Homeschool Game Changer!

Are you one of the many homeschooling parents that find themselves making comments about their child’s curriculum like…

  • Curriculum is too expensive!
  • “I bought this program (curriculum) but it’s not a good fit for my child.
  • My child is bored with this curriculum!”

If you’ve made one or more of these statements, you aren’t alone!

Homeschooling parents spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on curriculum each year and, all too often, the curriculum isn’t a good fit for a child. Perhaps it is too advanced or not advanced enough. Perhaps it doesn’t fit a child’s learning style. Perhaps, the style of curriculum worked at one point but a child needs more variety (i.e. workbooks and worksheets work well for a while but then your child may need some diversity such as hands-on, interactive lessons.) Typical homeschooling programs are expensive and not designed to allow flexibility for individual learning styles, pacing differences or just a fun change up in lessons.

If you want an affordable way to homeschool and one that offers real flexibility, you need…My Teaching Library!

Award winning My Teaching Library offers thousands of teaching resources from typical curriculum and worksheets to hands-on, interactive unit studies AND you’ll find it one of the most AFFORDABLE programs available.

On My Teaching Library, you’ll find…

* curriculum sets
* videos
* unit studies

* notebooking units
* lapbooking units
* posters
* flashcards
* reference materials
* individual worksheets
* books

My Teaching Library is Affordable and Flexable…

Become an annual ALL-ACCESS member for only $60 a year (that equates to only $5 a month). With an All-Access membership, you can download all the printable downloads you need (all grades – every subject) for every child you are homeschooling in your family for an entire year…all for FREE! As long as your membership is active, you’ll never need to pay for individual products, curriculum, worksheets, posters or any resource. Will you be homeschooling for several years? Purchase a LIFETIME All-Access plan and you’ll be set for all the years to come!

My Teaching Library Will Guide You Through…

My Teaching Library isn’t is a day by day, scheduled and regimented curriculm provider. That is because every child is unique, learns in different ways and in different time frames. To guide you through, My Teaching Library provides you with an easy to follow, easy to access “Skills & Concepts to Teach: K – 12” section to use whenever you need it…located on the home page! As a parent, simply use these skills and concepts as your guide to facilitate your child(ren) through their homeschooling journey.

Also, check out the Mega-Organizer to help keep you organized!!  This organizer is a game changer as well AND it’s also FREE when you become an all-access member! This Mega-Organizer is packed with forms that will help you stay organized both for school and for home…

* 2 different Attendance Record sheets
* High School Course of Study Check List
* Transcript Record Chart
* Grade Keeper
* Curriculum Planner
* School Goals Chart
* Quarterly Scheduler
* Academic Project Planner
* Weekly Assignment Planner
* Lesson Planner
* Field Trip Log
* Extra-Curricular Log
* Reading Time Log
* Music Practice Log
* 2 different Student-kept Reading Logs
* Notebooking Rubirc
* Lapbooking Rubric

For your Family
* Weekly Round-up (To list your most weekly tasks, a shopping list, special cleaning needs, events, dinner menus and more)
* 2 different Family Calendars (For all 12 months)
* 7  different Chore Charts
* 1 Family Task Chart
* Important Phone Numbers page
* Shopping List
* Address Book
* Password Keeper
* Home Improvement Goal Chart
* Bill Payment Record
* Tax Deductible Donations Record
* Home Inventory List
* Personal Daily ‘To Do’ Monthly List

…PLUS, there are forms to help you stay organized if you have a career (outside of homeschooling and running a home).

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Check out My Teaching Library today…It is a Homeschooling Game Changer!

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