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Try before you Buy – 3rd Grade Reading Vocabulary from My Teaching Library!

In this one week FREE SAMPLE of my entire 3rd Grade Reading Vocabulary unit you’ll find:

  • A list of vocabulary words for each day (Monday – Thursday) – 24 in all
  • A total of 8 student worksheets (2 for each day, Monday – Thursday)

On Friday of the week, you may test students however you choose to do so. Examples of assessments might be having each student read each word to you or having students write each word as you say them aloud.


The complete unit (3rd Grade Reading Vocabulary | Complete) includes:

An entire year (36 weeks) of worksheets to help 3rd grade students master over 800+ important reading words. Students that learn to read and understand these words consistently score higher on reading comprehension tests and will be ready to soar in 4th grade!

In addition to learning important 3rd grade level reading vocabulary, students will get plenty of practice in a variety of Language Arts skills such as identifying syllables and parts of speech, sentence writing, the use of punctuation and much more. The complete unit is 450 pages and includes answer keys!


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