Real Homeschool Challenges SOLVED!

There are a lot of challenges in homeschooling. Here are three of the biggest:

Challenge #1: Finding great, affordable teaching materials for any size family.

Homeschooling can be expensive! A family can spend hundreds of $$$ (if not thousands) a year on curriculum, website memberships, etc.

Challenge #2: Finding teaching materials that fit your child(ren)’s learning styles.

In an effort to standardize teaching materials, too many websites and curriculum providers lose sight that every child is unique with different learning styles and rates of learning.

Challenge #3: Finding flexible teaching materials.

Most curriculum providers offer one (maybe two) styles of teaching materials. Doing the same thing day in and day out doesn’t allow for student interest, family time or bunny trails. Sometimes, the BEST learning can be when a bunny trail is taken. (What is a bunny trail? They are the paths you make as you help your child(ren) follow their curiosity about an interest or a question. It is a diversion away from their typical set curriculum.)

What if there was a website that solves ALL THREE CHALLENGES?

There is…My Teaching Library!

My Teaching Library has yet again been recognized as one of the BEST Homeschool Curriculum & Products on the Planet for 2023!

Here is how My Teaching Library solves your homeschooling challenges:

  • Challenge #1 – Affordability – Every homeschooling family, including yours, (regardless of size) can get all the materials they need (PreK-12th, All subjects) for an entire year for the low cost of only $60. During your active membership, you can come back as many times as you need and download all the printable resources you need!
  • Challenge #2 and #3: Materials for different learning styles and gives flexibility – There are literally thousands of downloadable resources from which to choose and My Teaching Library has created the library with so many because all children are unique and homeschoolers need flexibility!

On My Teaching Library, you’ll find…

* curriculum sets
* videos
* unit studies

* notebooking units
* lapbooking units
* posters
* flashcards
* reference materials
* individual worksheets
* books

My My Teaching Library has been designed to give you ultimate control.


  • Every child is unique…and so is your family!
  • No one knows your child(ren) better than you do!

That’s why My Teaching Library doesn’t give you a day to day set schedule (i.e. plan). If you are new to homeschooling this may scare you but don’t let it! Remember, your child(ren) and family are unique and you know your child better than anyone else!

However, My Teaching Library doesn’t leave you without any guidance. You are provided with an extensive list of Skills and Concepts by grade level (K-12th), so that you know exactly what is typically covered in each grade. One thing to keep in mind, these lists are guides. Your individual child(ren) may…follow the guide perfectly, lag behind in some subjects, be ahead in others…again, every child is unique!

You’ll find the Skills and Concepts by grade located on the home page

Keeping you organized…

To keep you organizaed, you’ll want the Mega-Organizer!!  This organizer is a game changer and it’s FREE when you become a member! (Again, annual family membership is only $60!)

This Mega-Organizer is packed with forms that will help you stay organized both for school and for home…

* 2 different Attendance Record sheets
* High School Course of Study Check List
* Transcript Record Chart
* Grade Keeper
* Curriculum Planner
* School Goals Chart
* Quarterly Scheduler
* Academic Project Planner
* Weekly Assignment Planner
* Lesson Planner
* Field Trip Log
* Extra-Curricular Log
* Reading Time Log
* Music Practice Log
* 2 different Student-kept Reading Logs
* Notebooking Rubirc
* Lapbooking Rubric

For your Family
* Weekly Round-up (To list your most weekly tasks, a shopping list, special cleaning needs, events, dinner menus and more)
* 2 different Family Calendars (For all 12 months)
* 7  different Chore Charts
* 1 Family Task Chart
* Important Phone Numbers page
* Shopping List
* Address Book
* Password Keeper
* Home Improvement Goal Chart
* Bill Payment Record
* Tax Deductible Donations Record
* Home Inventory List
* Personal Daily ‘To Do’ Monthly List

…PLUS, there are forms to help you stay organized if you have a career (outside of homeschooling and running a home).

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