Kindergarten – Language Arts Skills and Concepts to Cover

Do you have a sweet one ready for Kindergarten? Let’s review the typical Language Arts skills and concepts that are covered in Kindergarten:


  • Develop handwriting skills: letter formation
  • Learns all of the letters of the alphabet (upper case and lower case) and their sounds.
  • Begins to “read” books himself, mainly from memorization.
  • Recognizes several basic sight words such as I, my, you, is and are.
  • Reads and listens to stories and then talks about stories, their plots, characters and events.
  • Follows words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page.
  • Recognizes and can produce rhyming words.
  • Adds or substitutes individual sounds in simple, one-syllable words to make new words. For example, replaces the “C” in “Cat” with an “R” to create the word “Rat.”
  • Writes uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Writes his/her name.
  • Writes some letters and words when they are dictated.
  • Uses invented or creative spelling to write a variety of words.
  • Uses conventional spelling to write some words (CVC and basic sight words).
  • Writes, Draws and Dictates about a variety of topics, including his opinion, a description of something or a moment or event in his life.
  • Use a variety of strategies to decode and comprehend text
  • se picture clues to comprehend text
  • Apply phonics skills
  • Acquire and apply new vocabulary
  • Practice writing literacy elements daily: consonants to correspond to sounds.
  • Develop oral language: answer questions; share information
  • Interpret and evaluate materials read to them

If you are looking for great resources for Kindergarten, I hope you’ll take the time to go to to see all that we have.

Here are some recommended ones (but not all that you’ll find)…

Morning Work for Kindergarten | 1st Semester

Morning Work for Kindergarten | 2nd Semester

Learning to Read | Sight Word Bundle

Kindergarten Language Arts – Math – Science Workbook

Kindergarten Math Workbook BUNDLE

Reading Log for Kindergarten | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade

Phonics Posters | Vowel Bundle

Learning to Print | Handwriting Bundle

Numbers 0 to 20 – Handwriting Practice

Handwriting | Learning to Write My Letters | Frog Themed

Alphabet Poster | Worksheets

Write Your Name Worksheet

Dolch Sight Word Flashcards Bundle

1st 50 Fry Sight Words Workbook

Here are also some suggested Kindergarten activities:

Sample Activities

  • Read and Repeat: Have your child “read” her favorite book to you, using her memory, associations and clues from the pictures.
  • Alphabet Books: Use drawings or pictures from magazines to create an alphabet book which has a letter and an object that begins with that letter on each page.
  • Fill in the Blank: When you read a favorite picture book to your child and you come across a short word that rhymes or is familiar to your child because he knows the book very well, stop and let him say the word. Point to the word as he says it and spell it out.
  • Act it Out: Act out parts of or the whole story of your child’s favorite and well-known books.
  • Label Things: Create labels with your child for different objects in your house. For example, different books, places for toys, foods or objects in the kitchen, or clothes. You or your child can write the names of the objects and your child can draw a picture to go along with it.
  • Guessing Games: Draw a picture and have your child guess the spelling of that word. Give your child a few letters in a word. For example, show your child “_AT,” and ask him to make as many words as he can with it.
  • Create a Photo Album: When you take pictures of events or people ask your child to label the picture. Glue the picture to a piece of a paper so your child can write a description of the event, what happened, who was there, etc. If other people were involved in the event send them a copy!
  • Have a Letter Treasure Hunt: When you are in the car, at home or in the store, ask your child to find certain uppercase and lower case letters. She can keep a list of all the letters she finds and she can write them down as she finds them.

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