Biology, High School

Now Available: General Biology for High School – Unit 3

Now available on My Teaching Library is Unit 3 of High School General Biology!

Unit 3 will teach high school students about chemical and biochemical principles essential for life.

Lesson 1: Macromolecules
Lesson 2: Macromolecules In-Depth
Lesson 3: Properties of Carbon
Lesson 4: Enzymes
Lesson 5: Enzymes Regulation
Lesson 6: Energy Transformation
Lesson 7: Cellular Respiration (Part 1)
Lesson 8: Cellular Respiration (Part 2)
Lesson 9 Chlorophyll Absorbing Energy Light
Lesson 10: Photolysis and Light Reactions

Each lesson includes written informational text and is followed by student questions and/or worksheets plus a unit test. Answer keys and optional assignments list is also included.

Have these units been completed?

General Biology – Unit 1
General Biology – Unit 2

If not, students should complete units 1 and 2 prior to this unit.


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