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Critical Thinking Skills – Get your 2nd and 3rd Graders thinking!

St. Patrick’s Day Analogies | 2nd-3rd Grades

One of the most important life skills that we can teach any student is to think critically. One fun way to help students begin practicing and honing in their critical thinking skills is through analogies.

What is an analogy? An analogy is a comparison between two things, comparing two things which are comparable in significant respects.

Here are 3 analogy worksheets with a St. Patrick’s Day theme to get students to think critically! Students will love these critical thinking worksheets. Although these were designed to be used in March, they can be used any time of the year.

St. Patrick’s Day Analogies | 2nd-3rd Grades

Here are two examples of the type of analogies that are included…

Halloween : Orange :: St. Patrick’s Day: _____
Race: finish line :: rainbow: _____

These are multiple choice worksheets. Answer keys included.

Looking for a similar resource for slightly older students? Check out: St. Patrick’s Day Analogies for 4th-5th

Here are additional My Teaching Library analogy worksheets you will love:


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