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Georgia State Bird Project: Brown Thrasher

Studying the state of Georgia? Perhaps doing a unit on Ornithology? This project-based unit is designed to help students study and record information about Georgia’s state bird – the Brown Thrasher! To learn more, see details below or you can preview a similar product here.

– A map page (for the state)
– Scientific classification page
– A page for students to give details about the bird’s physical description, habitat, diet, life span and reproduction
– A page where students will do additional map work to show where in the U.S. the bird lives in addition to migration information
– Coloring page
– Several pages on which students can use for expository and/or creative writing as well as sections in which students may draw.

14 pages in all and is designed for different levels / abilities.

Go to: Georgia State Bird Project: Brown Thrasher on My Teaching Library!

My Teaching Library has a notebooking set for each of all 50 states. In addition, you can get all of them bundled!

If you only want a specific state, type in the search bar the state you want + ‘notebooking set’ (Example: West Virginia Notebooking Set)

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